Tree Survey for Insurance

Tree Survey for Building Insurance Cover or Renewal

Insurance companies will sometimes ask for a tree survey as a condition of providing cover. If you have been asked for one we can help you. We provide a speedy service at a competitive rate. Contact us today to speak to a consultant and get a quote.

Defending Claims From 3rd Parties Which Implicate Your Trees in Damage to Their Property

We have help people defend themselves when their trees are blamed for causing damage to other peoples property. Frequently these claims are inappropriate and based on flimsy evidence and assumptions. We can review your case and let you know what position you are in and provide a report on our findings to address the claim or prepare letters to send to the person(s) making the claim or their insurance company on your behalf.

Tree Survey to Establish if 3rd Party Trees are Damaging Your Property

We do not take on this type of work as we are not in the business of chasing people to get trees cut down or heavily pruned. Usually your insurer would want to appoint their own expert to investigate in this situation. If in doubt please check with them before you call.