Tree Condition Survey

A tree condition survey can be tailored to meet your needs. From a basic paper based report to digital data collection for use in web-based tree management surveys. A tree condition survey can be anything from a preliminary Visual Tree Assessment to more detailed investigation with decay detection equipment like a sonic tomograph or resistograph. Our certified professional tree inspectors have years of experience and we have professional indemnity insurance.

  • Minmise the legal liability associated with tree ownership and risk management
  • Building insurance requirements
  • Issues raised through property surveys
  • Support for applications to work on trees with a Tree Preservation Order.
  • Keep your tree work bill low by only carrying out necessary works and not as a mere precaution.

During a tree condition survey we will consider the health and structural integrity of trees. We will assess the risk trees pose to their surroundings and users of the space according to type and frequency of use. Tree work recommendations are assigned a timescale for implementation so you can budget and address the most serious problems first.

Get an impartial opinion on the state of your trees health and structural integrity. Tree surveys pay for themselves by keeping your tree management costs to a minimum. As tree care professionals we aim to keep the amount of tree work prescribed down and only to address specific defects recorded in the survey or solve other problems.