A Revolution in CAD for Tree Survey Drawings

Tree Reports Ltd have been working together with ActionCAD Ltd  to develop a CAD for tree survey tool. It is aimed at arboricultural consultants and others in land based industries using CAD for planning purposes. The result was the formation of AutoGen CAD Systems Ltd in 2014 by the owners of these two companies to create a platform to deliver this service. This neat software solution automates repetitive aspects of producing tree survey plans to allow drawings to be created much faster and with less margin for error to a standard that meets BS 5837:2012.

Introducing the Tree Survey Generator by AutoGen CAD Services

The software we have developed is a low-cost, pay as you go, web-based tool. You import your data and we can generate hundreds or even thousands of trees into a CAD file to BS 5837 standards, and deliver a dxf CAD file to you in minutes. Currently the output drawing is a .dxf  file that can be imported into a site plan using any decent CAD software. The drawing includes Root Protection Areas, tree crown spreads to cardinal points, a stem with a diameter relative to the actual measurement, and colour coding to match the appropriate category. If eastings and northings are provided we can plot tree positions relative to each other on the drawing. In this case the trees will be in the correct position when you import the drawing into your base plan (if it contains appropriate data like a topographical survey or ordinance survey dxf file. Otherwise the trees with all their data can be cut and paste into your site plan (for example) individually where you choose. Whichever way you do it – you will not need to draw the crown spread, root protection area, and tree stem for any trees and the more trees you have the more time you save.

The Benefits of CAD Automation with no subscription costs!

This CAD tool can be used on any PC with an internet connection, whenever you want. We provide clear and easy to follow instructions and on our website to guide you through the process. There is no lengthy signup and we have a validation system in place to try and make sure your data input will provide the desired results.

What Next for Autogen CAD System’s Tree Survey Generator?

We have loads of developments in the pipeline to make producing high quality, informative tree survey reports even quicker and easier. These include adding shade cast and reporting features so you can quickly present useful data in reports such as a summary of species in the survey, distribution of tree age and distribution of tree categories, for example.

Would you like to know more?

You can find more information on the Autogen CAD Systems website – visit http://autogencadsystems.com.