Tree Reports Leamington Spa

Your Local Tree Consultants based in Leamington Spa, Warwickshire

 Our operating area covers most of England. We provide tree surveys and tree reports for a wide variety of purposes.

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Chat with Daniel about your needs by calling 0845 36371080. Daniel will be able to advise you on the best approach to you particular tree related issue.

*Fast Professional Service

*Professional Indemnity Insurance

*Certified Professional Tree InspectorsTr

*Experienced in solving a wide range of tree problems

Tree Reports Leamington Spa frequently provide arboricultural consultancy for planning permission, mortgage / home buyers, insurers and tree condition assessment.

We can recommend local arborists that we work with regularly for tree works where required. We don’t have any chainsaws – we just provide impartial advice. We aim for minimal or no tree works being prescribed where possible – it is better for you and the trees. We can consider the impact of specific works you want to perform on tree health – e.g. if you re considering reducing the size of the tree. We can consider if planning permission is likely for working on protected trees. We can provide advice to support applications to work on protected trees. We can provide reports for building insurance renewals or new policies.tree reports leamington spa area

We are not a traditional consultancy model where you will typically pay a retainer or enter into a contract based on an hourly rate that could run on for hours. We can provide fast fixed price quotations over the phone and in most cases without visiting the site. Larger jobs such as estate management typically require a site visit.

All customers in the Leamington Spa / Warwickshire area get great fixed price rates. I can do this because I cover a large area and so can reduce prices locally due to reduced travel. A lot of my work is concentrated in London and the South of England.