Tree Reports For Insurance

Tree Reports For Obtaining Building Insurance Cover & Renewals

We regularly prepare tree reports for insurance purposes. These can consider tree condition and / or subsidence (for example). They can be essential for satisfying the requirements of your insurer when obtaining or  renewing building insurance cover. Contact us today to speak to a consultant and get a quote.

Defending Claims From 3rd Parties Which Implicate Your Trees in Damage to Their Property

We have helped a number of people fend off unsubstantiated and / or inappropriate claims through survey and case review. We specialise in this aspect of insurance work. Please start by sending us a detailed email describing the problem, case history and your desired outcome(s). You should attach all the case history to be considered including such as letters / technical reports / invoices / quotes for works carried out. We will respond with a quotation with terms and conditions for you to consider.

Investigating Claims Relating to Other Peoples Trees Suspected of Damaging Your Property

We do not take on this type of work. Usually your insurer would want to appoint their own expert to investigate in this situation. If in doubt please check with them before you call.