Need a Tree Condition Report?

A tree condition report can be tailored to meet your needs. Our services range from preliminary visual inspection to detailed inspection with specialist decay detection equipment? Our certified professional tree inspectors have years of experience and we have professional indemnity insurance for the advice that we give.

  • Satisfy the requirements of your building insurer
  • Address issues raised through building surveys
  • Support an application to work on protected trees.
  • Help the legal liability of tree owners and occupiers of land with trees
  • Avoid costly unnecessary tree works

We visit the site to record the trees and assess their health and structural condition. We consider the risk any problems discovered will result in property damage or injury. Our recommendations are given with a priority timescale. Where possible we try to suggest options for tree management. For example – some defects might warrant tree removal – but for some trees (particularly very valuable ones) it may be worth carrying out specialist assessments to determine how ling they can be safely retained before they become an unacceptable risk.

We offer you an independent opinion of the risk of trees causing harm, and look for the most cost-effective solutions within current best practice. Our advice is cost effective because less tree work is better for your wallet and trees. As tree care professionals we always seeks to minimise the amount of works prescribed.