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Tree Surveys for Mortgage – Why?

In an article published this week by The Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), private landlords are advised to get a homebuyer or building survey before buying older properties. The article highlights that for a relatively inexpensive survey, tens of thousands of pounds may be saved if underlying problems like subsidence are detected. These surveys can result in the need for a tree survey where the surveyor highlights any risks relating to trees near the property.

A tree survey for mortgage purposes should be carried out by an arboricultural consultant with professional indemnity insurance and experience in that type of work. In my experience, these tree surveys can reveal where significant sums may need to be spent on tree management to prevent harm to people or property. Another advantage is revealing which trees are within a distance that subsidence or other root damage to property can occur. Like a homebuyer survey, a tree survey for mortgage purposes is relatively cheap, can save people time and money and allow them to make a more informed decision on a property purchase.

The RICS article can be read here:

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