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Tree Reports Warwickshire: we are an arboricultural consultancy company based in Leamington Spa. We provide tree surveys and tree reports across the County and England.

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*Fast Professional Service

*Professional Indemnity Insurance

*Certified Professional Tree Inspectors

*Experienced in solving a wide range of tree problems

*Specialists in planning, mortgage / homebuyer reports, insurance reports and tree condition surveys.

We do not provide tree work contracting services ourselves, but can recommend local arborists that we work with regularly. We aim to keep the amount of works prescribed as low as possible. This is best for your wallet and for the trees health and longevity. IF you need a formal report we can help you. Other uses for tree reports include supporting applications to work on protected trees and getting planning permission. Tree Reports Warwickshire can write reports to satisfy mortgage companies or home buyers. We can provide reports for getting building insurance policy or renewals.

We are not a traditional consultancy model where you will typically pay a retainer or enter into a contract based on an hourly rate that could run on for hours. We can provide fast fixed price quotations over the phone and in most cases without visiting the site. Larger jobs such as estate management typically require a site visit.

All customers in the Warwickshire area get great fixed price rates as my most local customers. I cover a wide area so it is not unusual for me to be driving two or three hours to a job. Most of my work is concentrated in London and the South of England.

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