The planning system is often shrouded in complex legal terminology, often leading many people to believe that an appeal is a difficult, costly, and ultimately impossible process. Tree Reports Ltd. can offer advice on planning appeals, and help take the difficulty and guesswork out of building a case to increase your chances of success.

If your planning permission has been refused with reasons relating to trees, Daniel may be able to help. Daniels experience of the planning system and appeals puts him in a good position to provide useful and honest advice about the position you are in, and if a reasonable case for planning in relation to trees exists. Services include:

  • Site visit and initial case review to assess strengths and weaknesses of the case for planning, and if the impact on trees is suitably mitigated, and if not, how that might be remedied. Please note that this is the basic level of service and the next levels cannot be progressed to without this analysis.
  • Appeal statement to support the planning application and address concerns raised by the Planning Authority.
  • Representation at appeal hearings.

Planning refusals are often simply based upon many property owners or developers not fully understanding the original Planning requirements. In these cases, an initial Planning refusal might be based upon aspects which did not comply with Planning Regulations. With the expertise of a qualified Tree Consultant, a plan may be easily altered to comply with Planning Regulations and secure planning permission. In other cases, it may be more complex, and having expert advice on your side can help simplify the process. With all planning appeals processes, there is usually a deadline, so it is necessary to act quickly. Putting in planning appeals early will help your chances of success and help ensure you are not delayed in a development – something which could potentially add costs to your original budget.

How Tree Reports Can Assist Planning Appeals

Tree Consultancy Services are often useful with regard to planning appeals. Tree Consultants have the expertise to help guide you through this process. They will guide you through the “red tape” and simplify the often-complex legal terminology. We believe this helps you to make informed decisions and explore the options available to you regarding your proposed development. Call us today to speak to our qualified Tree Consultant to arrange a site visit and initial case review.