Tree Reports Ltd provide on-site arboricultural supervision services for approved planning permission. This is usually carried out and guided by an Arboricultural Method Statement. This is a list of recommendations given by Local Authorities highlighting conditions of an approval for a Planning Application. They will often ensure that all works carried out in and around the development site adhere to Local Planning regulations. Tree Reports Ltd. can carry out on-site consulting services. We can help advise you on how to best implement the recommendations, and ensure all works comply with local authority regulations.

Tree Reports Ltd can:

  • Provide a written scheme of arboricultural supervision with timing and frequency of visits
  • Carry out arboricultural site supervision, offerring feedback to interested parties with recommendations
  • Liaise with the Planning Authority Tree Officer as required

Why Arboricultural Supervision can be Vital to a Development…

There are often conditions attached to any successful planning application. Not adhering to these can often have legal implications, and can delay – or possibly stop – a development. A typical condition will often mean working to a Tree Protection Plan. A tree protection plan will detail the location of protective fences to be installed around retained trees. It will also detail other measures such as ground protection. Working to detailed Tree Protection Plans will clarify protection measures for contractors during construction works. A local planning authority may carry out unplanned visits to your site to ensure protection measures have been adhered to. Our protection plans and On-site Supervision Services can help you stay within regulations, as well as guide you in effective working practices to achieve this with minimal disruption to a project.

How Arboricultural Supervision can Help Your Projects…

Tree Reports Ltd can provide Site Supervison to development projects large and small. To speak to a qualified Tree Consultant and see how we can help guide you through your project, call Tree Reports today.