Buying or Selling a House and Need a Tree Report?

Express Tree Reports for Home Buyers and Mortgage Companies

It is often necessary to get a tree report to satisfy a lender or house buyer that trees are not a problem or will develop into a problem in the future. Whether you need to consider all significant risks or a specific issue we can help. They are often requested where:

  • A lender wants to make sure you will be able to get building insurance.
  • A lender or buyer has concerns about tree safety, subsidence or ground heave.
  • The property has previously suffered structural damage due to trees.
  • Branches and roots from neighbours trees encroach into the property.
  • The potential owner wants to minimise risk and any associated legal liability.

The mortgage report provides details of the size, age and structural condition of the tree. It gives lenders the opportunity to properly assess the financial risk from trees. It will also give recommendations and advice on tree maintenance required to mitigate any issues detected where appropriate.

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