Evergreen or semi-evergreen hedges over two metres high causing “loss of enjoyment of property” may fall under the UK’s high hedges legislation. Tree Reports Ltd can help you if you are affected by a high hedge, or the owner of a high hedge subject to complaints.  Tree Reports Ltd consultant and owner Daniel Simpson has experience in this legislation as a private tree consultant, and from his previous role as a local authority tree officer. Daniel can quickly identify the issues for any particular case and assess whether or not on official complaint would likely succeed, and what the implications are to help you take the best course of action. This can save time, money and the hassle of the associated legal issues.

The effect of the tall Leyland Cypress hedge to the left on a typical garden on a bright sunny day in London..

Daniel’s services include:

  • Acting as an agent on behalf of people making a high hedge application.
  • Defending hedge owners from unreasonable complaints.
  • Consulting on high hedge complaints for local authorities.
  • Mediation between high hedge owner and affected person(s).

Why get us to look at your high hedge problem?

The law governing high hedges is a complex piece of legislation. Preparing a high hedge application for a local authority can be incredibly time consuming, and there are many steps the law expects you to take before your application will even be accepted. The local authority will also charge for the application, and even if you are successful there is a possibility of an appeal. Successful high hedge complaints result in a legal  notice requiring the owner to cut it back at their own expense, and to maintain a certain height. Failure to do so can result in enforcement action under the Anti Social Behaviour Act 2003. Issues that can be considered in a high hedge complaint include:

  • Loss of light
  • loss of views
  • blocked access

Where high hedges are causing other problems, the issues are probably covered by other legislation. Please visit the nuisance trees page for further information.