About Tree Reports

The Team

Daniel Simpson – Principal Consultant. Daniel founded Tree Reports after working in various roles in arboriculture for over ten years. During this time Daniel has been a self employed climbing arborist, a Consulting Arborist for a private sector company and Senior Tree and Landscape Officer for a Local Planning Authority. Daniel provides a wide range of services, specialising in planning and TPO issues, and providing advice for home buyers and insurance purposes. Daniel is a LanTra certified professional tree inspector.

Brian Higginson – Senior Consultant. Brian is an experienced expert witness and handles the legal work and decay detection inspections using specialist equipment such as a resistogrpah. Brian’s experience as a consultant is extensive. He also teaches arboriculture at Warwickshire College.

Our Clients

Our clients include individuals, businesses and local authorities. we work with a wide range of customers including landscape architects, architects, developers, builders and estate managers.

About Tree Reports Ltd

The company was founded in 2009 by Daniel Simpson. The business operates across most of England providing tree surveys, tree reports and other arboricultural consultancy services. The company has worked on some interesting projects including installation of an oil pipeline next to protected woodland. Another is preparing a complete tree management system and policy for Shenley Park including setting up a web based tree management system. The company is mostly involved in planning permission work and is experienced at working large schemes.